Cubic Pyramid

What is it?

Complete set:

  • game field (box) - 1
  • colorful game blocks - 17
  • task book with 432 tasks - 1
  • additional task book - 1
  • size 255х255мм
  • weight – 680g

This is 3D table game. The tasks book contains 432 tasks. This is the biggest game from the Lonpos games collection. It has 17 play blocks. The play field has triangular shape with cells. The cells are used as the base for the blocks to build the pyramid. This game is available to buy!

How to play?


  • Take out all the puzzle pieces and put them next to the game plate.
  • Open the challenge book and start the challenge.
  • Arrange the pieces according to the task.
  • Use the remaining pieces to complete the gap in the game plate. Do not move the arranged puzzle pieces!