Cosmic Creature

What is it?

Complete set:
- game field (box) - 1
- colorful game blocks - 12
- task book - 1


Cosmic Creature is the only game which can be used by children from 3 years old. The tasks book contains 111 tasks. Give this game to your child and you will invest into his intellectual development. Cosmic Creature is suitable for the whole family as well. It is not that easy as it seems for the first look. Besides, it is simply useful and nice gift to every member of your family and friends.

How to play?
  • Remove all pieces out of the form.
  • Take a book and select the task.
  • Put the pieces in the order as it is shown in the selected task.
  • Fill in the emty space with the remaining pieces. Do not move the fixed pieces, shown in the task.