Colorful Cabin

What is it?

Complete set:
- game field (box) - 1
- colorful game blocks - 12
- task book - 1

Colorful Cabin differs from the other games. The game field has interesting and not standard shape. The tasks book contains at least 66 tasks. Every task with the fixed block has many solutions, sometimes hundreds and each solution is unique. The game can be played both in 2D and 3D. 3D game field contains the base for 5x5 pyramid. You can play at home, at trains and plains. It can be put into your pocket. Regular play with this game at least 30-40 minutes per day develops logic and strategic thinking, trains the brain. This game will be on the market later.

How to play?
  • Remove all pieces out of the form.
  • Take a book and select the task.
  • Put the pieces in the order as it is shown in the selected task.
  • Fill in the emty space with the remaining pieces. Do not move the fixed pieces, shown in the task.