Choose your level

Cosmic Creatures Colorful Cabine Crazy Cone* Clever Choice Cubic Code Cubic Pyramide Crazy Collect 3D-
IQ 60-80

It is easy for children who are familiar with the puzzles.

Children can play alone to establish their confidence


IQ 80-100

Is good for the whole family.

This level is not that easy!

Let your brain work harder!

IQ 100-120

Smart people! If you never try these level you will never understand what difficulties are.

* Tasks are available
How to select the level of the game:
  • The beginners should start playing games with the easiest level. Step by step you can approach the more difficult level.
  • Decide which level you would like to play, select the game and click the button which is on the cross of the mentioned lines.
  • You will see the page with the tasks. You can go through them before you select one. If the level is not Ok with you for some reasons, you can change it buy jumping to the lower or higher level.
Good luck!