About Lonpos

JORK Kraft AB is the Swedish company which starts to expand the assortment of  the games produced by company Lonpos (Taiwan).

Founded in 1983, Lonpos specializes in puzzle product designs. All development and manufacturing procedures taking place exclusively in Taiwan and are exported there from.  Lonpos product series are widely recommended and distributed in over 40 countries.

Enhancing IQ and EQ is the design purpose of the LONPOS PUZZLE GAME series products, each product is designed in accordance with the intelligence needed by men, such as: body activity, languages, interpersonal relationship, vision and space, observation, self-introspection, math and logic, art creation, research and development, detection and intuition, combined with divergent and convergent thinking.

According to LONPOS, the development of diverse human intelligence is an important task, as this concerns whether children will be able to develop further potential in the future, whether adults will be able to develop new thinking in life or creativity in career, whether senior citizens are able to avoid Alzheimer’s disease, in turn reducing their burden in the family and society. These all have profound and major implications for mankind; therefore it is hoped that through the LONPOS series, people in the entire world may open up various wisdoms and abilities to create a more wonderful future.