Welcome to the world of Lonpos games

Solving 2D and 3D puzzle tasks helps to promote the right part of brain development Fine motility is developed by pressing the puzzle pieces with fingers Children can develop concentration and patience as well as self-organization and problem solution approach by exercising 30 min per day

12-color pieces design promotes human visual system development with the further development of visual intelligence The excitement after solving the task promotes secretion of the hormones of joy and happiness which strengthens the human immune system


When children understand the tasks and can play alone they can compete with the parents which will be really funny


The interaction between parents and children during playing the game enhances their communication and develops children IQ. If the child cannot solve the task parent may assist him


Parents need to set up the task for children before playing (start from the easiest level) After setting up the task ask the child to solve it


Do you like to solve complicated tasks in your daily life? Then Lonpos games can be a new challenge for you!


Investment into intellectuality brings the highest revenue. Lonpos game is a great intelligent gift for everyone!

It is not enough to have high IQ or an analytical brain; you will have to use all your personal skills in order to solve these tasks. Open a world of the unique, bright and fascinating puzzles which promote development of brain capacity, patience, concentration, assiduity, and solution oriented approach!


Founded in 1983, Lonpos specializes in puzzle products. All development and manufacturing take place exclusively in Taiwan and are exported from there. Lonpos product series are widely recommended and distributed in over 40 countries.